Build an ERC-20 Token within an Hour by Fitzner Blockchain Consulting

Build an ERC-20 Token within an Hour

Learn about blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Ethereum all while creating your own customized ERC-20 token with a step by step walkthrough.

What's included?

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Essentials Before We Start
What are ERC-20 Tokens?
Quick Tips on Developing New Technologies
What is Blockchain?
Blockchain, Bitcoin and Ethereum
4 mins
Blockchain Animation
2 mins
What is Blockchain? :: Quiz
Our Goal for this Tutorial
An Introduction to ERC-20 Tokens
4 mins
Install These Before Starting
Coding Environment: Truffle, NPM, and MetaMask
8 mins
Outlining Our Contract
Set the Outline for your ERC-20 Token Contract
10 mins
Writing the Contract
ERC-20 Smart Contract Development Walkthrough
17 mins
Updating Migrations
Update Migration Scripts for the New Contract
6 mins
Compiling and Running
Compile and Run your Solidity Contract
4 mins
Test your Contract and your ERC-20 Token in Wallet
5 mins
Conclusion and Next Steps
OpenZepplin, OpenSource Libraries, and Continued Learning
1 min
Other Resources
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